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Please study each opportunity carefully. Use these links for information purposes. If you have a sponsor, use your sponsors referral link to join. If you do not have a sponsor, join through the links on this page. These are the PowerXS Group Administrator referral links (Michael Courtois). Out of respect, please find the person who gave you this link!

Our "SLOW" Program: The novice approach. Enroll in 1 'flagship" program ($25+) and 1 or 2 low cost programs. This is where you will "test" our concept and see how we work. You will make a novice income based on the success of the "forced" matrices. Eventually merging into future ventures to gain multiple streams of income. Don't be a "secret agent". Moving SLOW could cost you around $30USD

Our "MEDIUM" Program: The apprentice approach. Enroll in 2-3 "flagship" ($25+) programs and 4-6 low cost programs. This is where things start to happen and streams of income are consolidated to gain an income that is noticeable and can set you job-free. This is where you "catch on" and "grow as you grow", building your enterprise. Moving MEDIUM could cost you around $130USD

Our "FAST" Program: The "lets getter done" approach. Enroll in most of our "flagship" programs, most of our low cost programs and some of our mailer programs as free members. Using our emailers to promote globally. This program will retire you and your family. You have total control of your own success. When you buy a lottery ticket - do you just buy one? No, you buy a sheet of tickets to give you more chances with the 40million to one odds. See our opportunities as lottery tickets BUT you control whether you are going to win or not! Moving FAST could cost you around $280USD

Our "ELITE" Program: The "all-in" approach. Enroll in all of our "flagship" programs, all of our low cost programs, some of our mlm programs and most of our emailer programs as paid members. Using our emailers to promote globally. This is enrolling in most of our "suggested" opportunities, utilizing the "power of multiple streams" and maximize your marketing potential by "going global". Becoming an ELITE MEMBER could cost you around $700USD

 Don't forget our "power play" program!

Each Member will be sending their personal link with their "suggested" line of tools to get started

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"One Time Only" Payment Programs

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Monthly Payment Programs

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These are business opportunities that can either be for purchasing products online as a customer, some at a discount and if you wish, you can become a marketing representative and receive commissions but you may end up stockpiling product so be careful.

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These can either be a personal service to yourself as a customer or a business opportunity. Ask for a free consolation for either.


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Funnel Investments are program that do "trading" for you and help increase your financial base. Most of them also have a referral base to receive compensation for passing the word around.



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