Success Secrets 

How do you make a superstar:

A superstar is a member who becomes very successful in the business by raising a team of enormous size and volume. In return they receive compensation way beyond their dreams and achieve financial independence. To make a superstar, you need to find "two" people (only 2) and teach them to find "two" people (only 2) and duplicate this every month. You must "babysit" them until they are confident to continue themselves. You have made them superstars but also notice that you have just made yourself a superstar as well and also a master marketer.

My name is Michael Courtois. I have been enrolled and dabbled with many, many network marketing companies for almost 40 years. I even designed and built one myself and may do more. I'm not just a "joiner", I just don't believe in keeping all my eggs in one basket. Some network marketing businesses fail the same as traditional business's. I have found allot of flaws and good things in all of them. The one thing that I "have" found out though, was the secret behind the successful people in network marketing.

The secret is: "THEY DON'T QUIT"

I have met many successful network marketers, high 6 and 7 figure incomes. They never quit. They stay in their business until they become a success, then they pass their knowledge on to others (talk the talk, walk the walk). They "know" the only way to become successful is to "make a mess", meaning: recruit and build your team as fast and as deep as possible. The word "quit" should not be in your vocabulary.

I use a number system !  Out of every ten people I talk to, One will listen, Out of every ten people that listen, one will buy. I sell the marketing system, not the product. The product or service sells itself. I am in the business to make money to become free, not to stockpile or have to handle products. I keep it simple.

Hold your spot and earn as you learn. Get in fast!

If you wish to be financially secure and at the top of your game, you "must" change your way of thinking. Successful people do what unsuccessful people don't do. Never judge a book by its cover. People will fool you. You may think a person is not interested or will not do well but you will never know for sure if you don't ask. On the other hand, you may think someone is a superstar and they let you down and then bring you down. The secret is to just moving forward and stay with it. Giving up is just that "giving up". "I quit" should never be in your vocabulary. I've been to allot of seminars and presentation meetings. The successful people speaking have been doing this for many years. They never gave up. Each of us have a different personality and we have different strengths. It takes a long time to test your talents until you perfect them and you become successful.

You need to look for a great number of "No's" in order to find a "Yes". This is just "fact" (see "the no"). If you concentrate on the "No's" you will become successful ("change your way of thinking"). You need to advertise and promote that you have something to show them. The "No's" give you practice and the more practice you get the better you get. They "do" have their own "free will"

Knowing what to say means nothing. Have you ever heard the expression "canned presentation"? This is where, when you talk, you sound like you are reading from a book. The No's help you practice this. Also, standing in front of a mirror works as well. Our minds can read and remember but our "mouths" have to work as well. Some words can be tongue twisters. When you have found the wording that fits your personality, you must practice "verbally" over and over again until the words come out natural and flow as if they were a reflex for your mouth. Answering objections are best if they are a reflex from you as well.

Show me your names list and I'll show you your future. This is the biggest key to your success. Without people to talk to, you have no one to present to (see "names list" and "memory jogger"). You must physically, write down every name of people that you know and don't forget, people will surprise you. You need to approach your warm market first (family and friends) since they are your practice people. Most of them will say no and most will criticize you but some will join. You must keep in mind this fact; You are not looking to recruit them. You are looking for their friends and their friends friends. This is using the referral concept and this is very valuable since now you are using "third party influence". You make you friends and family a deal and show them the plan once. You ask for referrals and at time you "kill the close". This give you the leads you will need. They will not mind giving you leads since you never tried to push them.

You need a "why" which I call a "cause", the reason why you are even doing this in the first place. Without a "cause" you have no purpose. Having a "cause" (see "cause" and "cause jogger") gives you the push to move forward and do the things you don't normally do, going out of your "comfort zone". Fear of moving forward is just procrastination and nothing will ever change for you. If you want to change your future, you need to change your way of thinking. Motivation comes from your heart and your heart is strong when you have a "cause".