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multi streams of income have you heard of Kmart, Zellers, Becker's Milk, Macs Milk, Woolworths, etc. I've been told to work 100% in one business and i did. I worked a few years in a few and watched them topple down,, now, i don't put all my eggs in one basket.. i diversify.. own many opportunities and when one falls ,, replace it with another.. this is exactly how a mutual fund works. a mutual fund is a bubble of many stocks and investments and when one is not doing good ,, they replace it with one that does,, Our platform is set up like a mutual fund bubble,, we have many sources of income,, when one drops down,, we will replace it,,

guidance by mentors.. co-founders and associates are bounded by their membership to guide and assist their team members,, its part of the rules

marketing and growth strategies,, start using baby steps,, set up for your next migration with guidance from mentors,, the free training for everyone,, marketing tools and concepts become your strategy

personal websites,, each company sets you up in the website they give you but this does not diversify your portfolio, just theirs.. we offer "personal websites, describing all of your business opportunities to market in one shot,, allot less confusing

free consultations

build an elaborate portfolio of dreams

own what you use,, if you travel allot, own a travel discount business,, if you take allot of vitamins, own a vitamin business,, if you diet, own a diet business,, the list goes on,, if you use it then buy it from yourself

build a "willable" legacy to leave your family,, if i die, the business that i have will be "willed" to my family and they will be set for life since the businesses will continue to grow, so none of my efforts will go to waist

contact connections in every variety of products and services

knowledge base from 1000's,, each member from PowerXS Group are connected,, each member from each business opportunity in the bubble are all connected through the "hub" of the PowerXS Group Association

the entire "bubble" is your community,, not just one community of a business but all together

bubble of screened opportunities,, i have joined hundreds and tested them,, i found lots are not good,, some are good and some are "great",, we get the great ones

direction of grow as you grow.. start small and build yourself up with the help of the team effort

investments for the little guy,, allot of opportunities are very expensive,, we start with $1, then $2, then $3, then $4 and up from there - for the little guy,, less risk for everyone

variety of choices and denominations such as product and service businesses, crowdfunding and digital businesses, email marketing and click on businesses,, travel and coupon savings businesses

opportunities for paying-it-forward to society,, most businesses in the bubble have some type of pay-it-forward and you will also have your own that you wish to sponsor yourself

team/community involvement, you are not alone


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