How It Works 


Have everyone in your team follow you through every opportunity you own


The "PowerXS Group" is "non-profit", association of members which are committed to the "Pay-It-Forward" concept. Each member has the option to donate or share profits to their personally chosen "causes", charities, foundations, organizations, random-acts-of-kindness, pay-it-forward, etc" that they desire. They can chose the denomination and the direction of what ever they wish, as long as they are helping others. We need you to understand, "charity begins at home". Once our members are in a position to pay-it-forward, they can do so without draining themselves. This is the design of our "Association Platform".

Diversify !

"Don't put all your eggs in one basket"

Food For Thought - If you decided to build a sixty unit apartment building to generate an income for retirement; Would you only rent out one apartment? Can you build it with one screwdriver? No! You would need all sixty apartments rented to achieve your financial goals and you would need allot of "tools" out of your tool box.

I have bought into business opportunities and have been told by my upline to concentrate 100% on the one I joined and the only reason they have said that was to make me build their team, not necessarily mine. After devoting several months and years in each, I found the companies and the upline failed to do what they promised to do. I received "scooby snack" incomes. Not enough to quit my job as promised. To solve this, I decided to look at these business opportunities as if they were in a single "bubble" (like an apartment building). Each one supplying scooby snacks and all together generating a "consolidated" income that was now sufficient. I set up the PowerXS Group to act like a "mutual fund" where if one business is not working too well, I replace it with another "tool" that is.


This concept of using a charitable cause is designed to change "selling" to "promoting". It's much easier to promote a "cause" than sell a product.

" Keeping It Simple "


Our "flagship" opportunities are "one time" payment only. They are based on common sense and logic and not hype. We push these because they are one time and will be a huge part of your success. Missing these would be a shame! These are fast and easy to promote since you don't need to "wine and dine" people to get in. It's just a one time payment. Tell your people to "just do it". The rest of our opportunities are designed to be one time payment or some are monthly but with a very small enrollment fee. Simple and sweet! The first section is based on a "novice" approach and to "grow as you grow" with the optional migration into future streams of income.

We are an association with the desire to pay-it-forward to society. The problem is, most people can't afford to pay-it-forward without hurting their own finances. So we have placed a platform for paying-it-forward which consists of a huge bubble of business opportunities that we are calling our "tools" of finance (grow as you grow). They are "screened" business opportunities that will generate the income required to pay-it-forward "and also" make sure each member is financially secure. There are four divisions of Crowd Funding, this is the type that works for the cause "and" promoter, together. We are placing "rules" to be a participant of our member association but anyone can join our opportunities if they wish. They do not have to become an Associate or a Co-Founder, they can just join any of our opportunities, as a member. Each Associate will be assigned to Members by their Co-Founder. They will be their mentors and counselors. Your success is their success.

The concept is to enroll into a "novice" matrix and when you earn a generous income, you can upgrade to the more expensive matrix with the income generated from your present matrix. Now you are making additional money from 2 sources (multiple streams of income). The next step is to take some of your earning's from the first 2 matrices and invest into the next matrix where you will be making even more income from all 3 matrices with no out-of-pocket expenses and so on and so on. These moves will be advised to you by the co-founding members guiding you. Plus you will have your entire team follow you through this process. This makes it easier to build your member community, since you don't have to keep recruiting for each level or business opportunity. They are already in your team and are just "moving up the ladder" with you. Most will go and do it, but some may not. That is their problem, not yours. Each Co-Founder will be assigned to Associates by the Administrator. They will be their mentors and counselors. Your success is their success.

You will all be making additional money and you will also be able to achieve much more to support your "causes", "crusades" and "visions". Especially when a wealthy person joins and doesn't need the money. They will be donating support with 100% of all the income made from all their matrices.

Campaign funding has been used extensively for the past 5 years by politicians and now since the "JOBS Act" (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) was signed into law by President Barack Obama on April 5, 2012, Campaign Rally's are legal for everyone. The legal name for a Campaign Rally is "Crowd Funding". We are giving you the opportunity to put in place, your very own personal campaign to support your own cause's, crusade's, vision's and organization's through our corporate designed program. We are using today's technology with the compliance of Crowd Funding/Rally rules and regulations. All support donations can be "private" and "anonymous". Some of our funding is in Crypto Currency denominations as well.

The PowerXS Group Business is "not" to be compared to Multi Level Marketing, Pyramids, Network Marketing or even Direct Marketing. You don't Market this. You only promote your own campaign support program. The "portfolio" of business streams are in many forms such as; MLM, Crowd Funding, Cash Payouts, Crypto Currency Payouts, Marketing Programs, Investment Programs, etc. but are a separate entity of the PowerXS Group and are "only" the "tools" to generate funds for this Pay-It-Forward Donation Platform.

We have many opportunity "tools" offered in the PowerXS Group. Our Platform is designed as a "grow as you grow", multi-stream income system. You will be building your community of entrepreneurs "once" and one step at a time (baby steps). Our opportunity promotion is based on generating a novice income for each member first then as they progress, they will migrate into the next stream. Therefore; You will be building "one" team that will be following you into each business, creating a multi-stream of multiple incomes. We start small then grow big. Promoted opportunities are based on low priced, cash, crypto, autoship, one time pay and email marketing tools, to start.

For whatever reason that funding is required, be it crypto currencies, paying-it-forward to someone, etc. please use the paypal links above. Leave me a note on what you wish for me to do. Also, out of respect for the administrator of the PowerXS Group, a donation to assist in the "running capital" would be well appreciated. PowerXS is an "ongoing" cost of hosting the websites for my teams, designing the personal websites and loss of time from the administrator for doing all of this for free, for everyone. The administrator (Mike Courtois) only makes profits from building teams and communities through these business opportunities the same as you each do. So any "pocket change" would help me continue stronger.








* If anyone is looking to invest in the PowerXS Group, they can contact Michael Courtois