No Time, No Energy or You Just Don't Care!

This is where we come in! We are a team of "pay-it-forward" and "random-acts-of-kindness" people who are dedicated to the success of the PowerXS Group. We have placed CEO's and Director's into this team to guide, strategize and purchase business opportunity systems for you and we work each of them, for you so you don't have to. We advertise your custom promo links and pay-it-forward to people that deserve a chance to have success. And in return, giving you financial success with multiple streams of income! You do nothing! You will get, periodic, notifications of the progress in your portfolio until you wish to take your portfolio and run it yourself. Our "investor team" members, understand that they will be doing this extra work "without" compensation. They know that the people investing into the PowerXS Team may not be in their personal communities and they may not receive any compensation for their efforts. The goal is to grow the PowerXS Group to the greatest Platform on the planet, ONLY! Plus we will be helping 1,000's of families around the world, through our donations.

In other companies, people that do nothing, are frowned upon and certain people are segregated from having these opportunities offered to them. They call these people "duds", "dead spots", "secret agents", "blanks", etc. And the enrollers feel they are a waste of their time or get upset that they have just wasted their time bringing them into the business. But our company sees things different! We know that people end up joining for many, many reasons or don't join for many, many other reasons. They "DO" however, understand that there is "no other way" to receive a residual income without help from others (responsibility curve, income quadrants). They have also been "burned" and lied to, by so many sponsors and companies with "smoke and mirror" manipulation. They "will" join but they will also wait to see what happens. I don't blame them. It's human nature to protect yourself from financial loss, deception and ridicule. But! What if they get notified or see themselves, that their tiny investment has made them $1,000's of dollars? Do you think the may want to "now" share the information and start working them, themselves??? There is no such thing as a "dud". They are just people that don't trust themselves or systems, but "do" have "hope".

We don't care what your reasons are to be desolate. To us, you are "not" a waste of our time but a value to the system. Our promo "one timers" are fully automated, with rotators, cyclers, phases, levels, structures, 100% pay-ups, pay-it-forward systems, auto-upgrading from profits (not out of pocket) and with a "migration" system which migrates the "one team" we build, through ever stream of income we have (see "one timers"). We the use proper strategies by utilizing our "back office" knowledge of what is happening and upcoming. We realize that some people "DO" have money to spare but are unwilling to do any work, too busy or afraid of ridicule. We are offering to do "everything" for them with "trust, honor and respect". We will need a little information from you and you will need to send us the money you wish to invest. It can be $1 or a few $1,000 (donation options below). The amount of money you send depends on how many streams of income you want at this moment and if you wish to help others (a basket of fish or a fishing rod?). This can be done once or several times, whenever it's affordable and when you wish to increase your "streams" of income. There are "no" guarantees, just the trust you "must" have in the PowerXS Team management and myself. Depending on the funds sent, we will enroll you in multiple business income streams, use pay-it-forward systems, triple-play strategies, power-play strategies, multiple positions, random-act-of-kindness, etc. We also use multiple emailer advertising programs for international recruiting.

If you are wealthy already, then great. This is your opportunity to pay-it-forward with random-acts-of-kindness to society and also help 1,000's of "needy" families, worldwide through our donation platform.

If you already have a business you are content with, then great too. This is your opportunity to add an impression on your marketing to be able to promote that your company also donated to charities and random-acts-of-kindness and that your company sponsors 1,000's of needy families, worldwide! (no out-of-pocket cost for you or your company)

(remember, every business stream you are in is part of your willable assets for your family and friends as you desire)

Our Focus is Onetimers - The Flagships of Migration


the PowerXS Team Disclaimer

Our "investor team" members, understand that they will be doing this extra work "without" compensation. They know that the people investing into the PowerXS Team may not be in their personal communities and they may not receive any compensation for their efforts. All funds are subject to miscellaneous conversion and transfer fees, all depending on currency and transfers charges that can change in a second. There is "no" refunds on money already used in the purchase of any business opportunity. All profits and residuals are yours, 100%. There is "no" guarantee of profits or residual from any of the PowerXS Group and "notice" disclaimers in each and every opportunity purchased for you. You must agree to allow the PowerXS Group and the PowerXS team to accept and check "yes" on the acceptance to all and every term and condition acknowledgement for each opportunity purchased. You are required to set-up your personal receiving wallets for all profits and residuals for your own personal safe keeping. Under no circumstances will the PowerXS Group or the PowerXS Team be responsible for any losses of income or residual, login and password information (client changes) or guarantees/promises made by any business opportunity purchased (buyer beware).

Finance Options





For whatever reason that funding is required, be it crypto currencies, paying-it-forward to someone, etc. please use the paypal links below. Leave me a note on what you wish for me to do. Also, out of respect for the administrator/CEO of the PowerXS Group, a donation to assist in the "running capital" would be well appreciated. PowerXS Inc. has been running since 2004 and there is an "ongoing" cost of hosting the websites for my teams, designing the personal websites and loss of time from the administrator for doing all of this for free, for everyone. The administrator (Mike Courtois) only makes profits from building teams and communities through these business opportunities the same as you each do. So any "pocket change" would help me continue stronger.

* If anyone is looking to invest in the PowerXS Group, they can contact Michael Courtois mike@powerxsgroup.com


Contact admin@powerxsgroup.com

1 (519) 591-2541

The personal information required will be based on types of purchase and quantity of purchases