What is a DEAD Spot 


A member that does absolutely nothing to help recruit and is a "secret agent". They have their reasons for doing nothing. We just need to find out why. Mostly they don't trust anymore, have no faith and no respect for any systems because of the past. In almost all of the MLM opportunities, their sponsors promise to work with them and when they can't push them anymore they leave them hanging or they give up themselves, move to a different company and leave them hanging. Very disappointing and actually hurtful and mean. This makes people "gun shy" about moving forward. People "do" join because they know deep in the back of their mind that there is no other choice for their future. They can't do it themselves (responsibility curve, income quadrants). They joined and they is the biggest step. If a business is complicated, they won't try. If it's expensive, they won't go on the adventure. If it's confusing, they won't study it. In reality, people have a lazy spot when it comes to something they are foreign with (long website names, more than one page to read, fear of the unknown, might have to attend meetings, they might have to talk to someone, etc). I try to keep everything simple. Why not? Isn't that what freedom is really about?

We don't care what your reasons are to be desolate. To us, you are "not" a waste of our time but a value to the system. Our promo "one timers" are fully automated, with rotators, cyclers, phases, levels, structures, 100% pay-ups, pay-it-forward systems, auto-upgrading from profits (not out of pocket) and with a "migration" system which migrates the "one team" we build, through ever stream of income we have.

In other companies, people that do nothing, are frowned upon and certain people are segregated from having these opportunities offered to them. They call these people "duds", "blanks", "dead spots", etc. And the enrollers feel they are a waste of their time or get upset that they have just wasted their time bringing them into the business. But our company sees things different! We know that people end up joining for many, many reasons or don't join for many, many other reasons. They "DO" however, understand that there is "no other way" to receive a residual income without help from others. They have also been "burned" and lied to, by so many sponsors and companies with "smoke and mirror" manipulation. They "will" join but they will also wait to see what happens. I don't blame them. It's human nature to protect yourself from financial loss, deception and ridicule. But! What if they get notified or see themselves, that their tiny investment has made them $1,000's of dollars? Do you think the may want to "now" share the information and start working them, themselves??? There is no such thing as a "dud" or a "dead spot". They are just people that don't trust themselves or systems, but "do" have "hope".

This is where the "PowerXS Team" can be beneficial. We are a team of "pay-it-forward" and "random-acts-of-kindness" people who are dedicated to the success of the PowerXS Group. Does PIF (paying-it-forward) work? Yes! With our "first line" opportunities, it does. The "one-timers" we have in place will always payoff even buy paying someone else's way in your downline. They are designed to rotate, cycle and re-enter each member. The spillover of people begin to payoff when the "duds" start making money. They then become active and increase the masses within your team.

Do we care if your a "dead spot"? Not one bit! We welcome you to a challenge. Prove to them that they can make money doing nothing and they will come to life! You "can" resurrect the dead. The PowerXS Group doesn't give up. "ALL" of our opportunities "act" as one since thy are in our toolbox (bubble) of multiple streams of income. Some move fast, some move slow but they move. Our ONE business opportunity is ALL of our opportunities combined.

You will find that most of our businesses are the easiest Businesses to run. They are all automated, secure and the training is all online, on your referral link and in the free training provided from PowerXS. That's it!